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Order and customer management on the M menu!
Do you have any trouble like this?

The problem of the restaurant is solved!

Less human resources
No knowledge of
customer management
Unable to
attract customers

The problem of the restaurant is solved!

With a self -order, you can order smoothly, so you don’t know. In addition, since you can directly order selected products, you will significantly reduce mistakes due to mistakes and mistakes.

The staff’s call and accounting can be completed in the same system, so you can achieve stressless as much as possible.

Easy to use for headquarters.

In terms of drawing the potential of each staff, semi -automation by self -terminal is now one of the essential factors.

By registering and hiding that product that has been out of stock due to its popularity, it will lead to simplification of business.

It is a management screen that can be handled intuitively, and can be operated from newcomers to veteran staff without difficulty.


Easy to use for headquarters.

MMENU is also good at numerical management. From one store to multiple stores, you can view reports in real time. You can manage it with a smartphone or tablet even if you are away from the store.

Comparison with past data and export are possible, supporting management work.

The promotional function by LINE cooperation can be operated as a convenient and effective tool.

This is still a part. Always your favorite function.

Main functions of M-menu

Self -order
Promote “I want to ask” on an intuitive order screen. You can make non -stress orders without the trouble of calling.
Smartphone payment
By entering credit card information at the table, you can easily complete the checkout without having to go to the clerk or go to the cash register.
Cash settlement
As before, you can also pay by hand. Please leave the receipt issuance.
Handy order
Not only self -ordering, but also staff can be visited. Sales up with two combinations!
Menu management
Reflect the recommendation of the day immediately. That popular product that has been out of stock can be operated with one tap.
Staff management
From the administrator to the rookie staff, the fraud is deteriorated under all authority. Realize operations according to the staff step.
Multiple store management
“Reliable even if you are away” multiple stores are managed together. Various reports and comparisons can be done and numerical management is easy.
Reservation management
Net reservation cooperation + telephone reservation can be managed in real time. Solved with one kore without opening multiple apps.
Order management / history
Can be viewed in real time! You can cooperate quickly and seamlessly, both changing orders and cancellations.
Attribute analysis
Since the history of visiting the store and order history remain so much, you can analyze the frequency of visits and order trends!
Sales analysis
It is possible to analyze not only the sales of sales, the number of customers, but also by the table and staff!
Visit information
When, what did you eat, and how many times did you come to the store? Solve immediately with tap.
Customer information management
Rank management is possible according to the number of visits and usage amount. Point cards can be issued and contributed to sales promotion.
Introducing customers on LINE
You can easily divide the audience from customer information management! You can also distribute messages immediately.
Start with QR / NFC
Release from the menu book! Bashing is too much! Non -contact and highly efficient NFC cards are available!
Alarm function
Priority is very important for the “creator”! Efficient operations with alarm functions that you can see.
Staff ale
Ale to that staff who is working hard! The evaluation from the customer is directly linked to the motivation of the staff.
Easy to switch from existing services

All-in-one is only


Tablets (iPad/Android) are generally available. * Depending on one model, it may be recommended to buy a new one.

Oda -Printer can be taken over depending on the model. * We do not promise to use all models/functions.

A paperless position such as a kitchen/drinker (managed with only tablets without installing a printer) is implemented.

Our strength is the screen that can be operated intuitively. In addition, we are engaged in “simple” and “easy to use” on the customer screen.

No, basically, “all -in -one” = all functions can be used. * 3 A separate fee is charged only for the automatic translation function.

Please be assured. Initial registration will be made by us.

We do not handle it now, but please consult us.

You can use it in all restaurants. In addition, depending on the function, it can be used by stores such as apparel, and it is introduced by customers of a wide range of businesses.

If the store is QR, you can easily use it because the menu screen stands up with a browser just by reading. If you provide your own card instead of the QR, you will not be able to read the QR, and the menu screen will be displayed simply by holding the smartphone over the card.

Customers who do not have a smartphone can respond by taking orders as usual.

There is no need to download the MMENU app. By reading a QR code or your own NFC card, the shop menu is displayed on the browser and you can order. In addition, the data of customers who visit several times can be confirmed by customers and staff, so it is equipped with a function that pursues the convenience of customers without getting lost in smartphone apps.